Talking about Faith

September 21, 2007

Why do we believe?

Why doesn’t God show up in a way that would leave no question as to who He is?

What do we grab onto during those tough time when it seems like everything around you is crashing in and it does not make sense?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why did God not show up when we really needed Him


I heard this sermon Preached by Andy Stanley at Catalyst 2004- and thought it was great, this was my notes, some of it may not make sense, but overall you will get the main idea of the story. I added in the last 11 minutes of a Louie Giglio video, he told a story about a Picture his Dad painted. I think this ties the 2 together really well. I showed the clip from “Big Picture God, Small Picture world” from I started it at the 27 minute. Please view document.

questions feel free to comment.




This is a post from Mark Batterson’s blog thought it was good –

Just thought I’d do a little blog brainstorm on our next sermon series.

We’ll kick off a series this weekend titled The Elephant in the Church. The series plays off the old idiom: the elephant in the room. It’s a reference to obvious truths that everyone ignores. I want it to be a series where we honestly and humbly acknowledge the church’s shortcomings, but give it a positive spin by talking about how we are the church and we can be a solution to the problem.

I’d love to draw on the wisdom of the blogosphere. What are some taboo topics we ought to be talking about? What are some confessions the church needs to make? What are those issues that everybody is thinking about but nobody is talking about?

What are the elephants in the church?

Speaking to an age group of 12-35. Must touch on the following:

Student – JH, HS or College, Son’s or Daughter, Employer, Employee, Parent………