Pressure, Stress….how do we handle it all biblically

September 1, 2007

Speaking to an age group of 12-35. Must touch on the following:

Student – JH, HS or College, Son’s or Daughter, Employer, Employee, Parent………


6 Responses to “Pressure, Stress….how do we handle it all biblically”

  1. BrentD Says:

    Feel free to leave scriptures that help, ideas, thoughts, or stories

  2. BrentD Says:

    I guess that we can start with Matthew 11:18-28

  3. BrentD Says:

    Sorry I meant Matt 11:28-30

  4. BrentD Says:

    Here are some notes I took from Andy Stanley’s Take it to the Limit Series Part 1

    * We all need margin in our life
    * We cannot always live on the edge
    * Margin is the space between our current performance and our limit
    * When margins decrease, stress increases
    * Our focus narrows to self centeredness
    * Relationships happen inside the margins
    * Busyness is the enemy of intimacy
    * Temptation – we try to get as much as we can out of life, but in doing so, many times we lose control of our lives
    * We’re afraid of falling behind
    * We are afraid of not mattering
    * We all have limits
    * You are created as a relational being
    * If your relationships are suffering, you have chosen limits outside of God’s choice of limits for your life
    * As your margin gets smaller, so does our relationship with God
    * You are going to live with limits – limits you chose, the limits the culture pushes you to, or the limits your heavenly father invites you to
    * Why don’t we choose, instead of being forced, to step away from the extremes

  5. Johnson B Says:

    I think one of the best things for teenagers to learn is to talk about what’s going on in their lives…be it stress, relationships, etc. It took me forever to learn this, but that’s why God stresses community so much. Also, learning to talk with people who can actually do something about it is an important aspect. As far as stress, talk with people before it gets too big to manage…lots of times other people can see stuff in your life that you can’t.

  6. BrentD Says:

    great stuff, thank you, that is where I was looking to take it also is through community. Thanks

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